Hi. I'm David.

I live and work in New York City.

In my free time I dabble in writing, programming, and design.


I was born in California and raised in Colorado,

but I moved to New York by choice.

Liberal-arts major, self-taught programmer.

I speak English, PHP, and Clojure.

By day, I work as the sysadmin of a SaaS innovation company...

Kindling helps organizations tap into the ideas their employees already have.

...and in my off hours, I go drinking at book parties.

Apartment living has (mostly) cured me of my book-buying habit.



A fork and update of StatusPanic, an ambient infoviz program


a mostly-complete personal library organization program in Clojure


a curated tumblr of "new aesthetic" images

Black Rabbit

a short magazine of writing I did during college

Where you can find me


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